A building with so many diverse activities, stacked next to and on top of each other, offers countless opportunities for energy savings. Waste heat from manufacturing can heat the apartments; graywater from apartments can do hydraulic work in the shops; etc.

Unfortunately, all possible opportunities can't be foreseen. But retrofits can be facilitated. Our unusually thick walls and floors, meant as storage space and sound insulation, if built correctly, can simplify the running of additional pipes, conduits, and active and passive devices. This is unusual for a housing project, but we believe our tenants will, and should, experiment with such systems.

Basic systems in place upon opening, however, include graywater, power generation, insulation, passive solar heating and ventilation, air filtration in the underground garage, and a complete set of efficient appliances. And we plan extensive use of the rainwater that will fall upon the over 100,000 sq. ft. of surface at the West End.

The Refillables Project will ensure that all packaging coming from West End businesses is re-usable. The project will help businesses, both at the West End and elsewhere in Eugene, to design, manufacture, collect and wash these deposit containers for re-use.

West End businesses that serve food will use re-washable plates and utensils. The Refillables Project will also run Dish-mobiles. These are very successful in Europe, where they provide, collect and wash solid dishware for small food vendors at festivals and markets.