Organic Design

This article by Kiko Denzer was published in RAIN Volume VI No. 10, August/September 1980, while RAIN was still published in Portland, Oregon, and just a year after the release of Christopher Alexander's third book in the Center for Environmental Structure series, The Timeless Way of Building. I referenced it in my first essay on The Oregon Experiment in 1991, which was in turn mentioned in my second essay on the topic in 1994 -- GB

Below: the above building now, in 2015. Directly inspired by the Oregon Experiment, which was still drawing attention at the time, it was designed to be in harmony with the older buildings in this courtyard. Built by Will Martin, this is the best structure and space created on the University of Oregon campus since World War II. Like the older buildings it echoes, the new structures make excellent public use of the building exteriors. -- GB