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Starting Over

By Greg Bryant

Many people are exhausted from protesting the excesses of monopoly capitalism. Many ask "where's our vision of something better?" This is a little strange, since RAIN and many other publications have desrcibed not only visions, but endless successes in building alternative societies that tick all the boxes: equitable, fair, inspiring, ecologically sensitive, peaceful, empowering, democratic, self-managing, meaningful, self-sufficient, self-improving, and generous.

I'm going to try something a little different. Since people are retreating far into fictional worlds these days, watching what we all agree is too much online television, I'm going to describe a future in a fictional town that's bvery like many real towns in the world today, and how we could approach creating a better world in the place where things are worst.

This is a basic principle of organizing and improving places, by the way. Work on the worst place first. They have the least to lose. The work is highly leveraged.

But, and this is very important, remember that we're pre-figuring a better society. So, we're not imposing this on anyone one. We're simply trying to find ways to empower people to build a better future.

And to do that, we'll need very good communication, and sharing of ideas, of mutual aid. This is just a set of ideas to motivate people.